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Some people like the things that we draw.

Here are some links (although there's quite a lot more).

Bored Panda

May 2024

'Dad Photoshops Kids’ Drawings As If They Were Real, And It’s Terrifyingly Funny.'

Creative Salon

February 2024

Article: Adland's Creators - Meet The Advertising Mavericks Crafting Viral Content.

The Indian Express

March 2023

Article: Dad transforms his young sons’ art into life through Photoshop and the internet loves it.


March 2021

Video report and interview: ‘When children's drawings come to life.’

Vogue Italia

June 2020

Interview: ‘Each in its own way. Interview with Tom Curtis’

Pop Sugar

May 2020

Interview: ‘I’m deeply in love with this dad’s wonderfully weird re-creations of his kids’ drawings.'

Mail Online

March 2020

Interview: Daddy's little monsters: Father uses computer wizardry to produce images

Vanity Fair

December 2019

Article: 'If the animals drawn by children become real.'

Yahoo! News

December 2019

Article: 'Dad Turns Kids' Drawings Into Photoshopped IRL Versions.’ 

The Sun

August 2018

Article: 'Dad uses Photoshop to transform his children’s drawings into reality.'

Metro UK

August 2018

Article: 'Dad uses Photoshop to turn his kids’ drawings into reality.'


March 2017

Article: 'Remove our eyes immediately'

Times of India

October 2016

Article: 'Instagrammers charmed by funny, heart-warming photographs inspired by a child’s sketches.'

Huff Post

October 2016

Article: 'This Dad Uses Photoshop To Turn His Son's Art Into Kooky Images.'


October 2016

Article: 'Father takes drawings of son, aged seven, and turns them into reality.'


October 2016

Article: 'Father brings his six-year-old son’s drawings to life with Photoshop.'

Bored Panda

October 2016

Article: 'Dad Turns His 6-Year-Old Son’s Drawings Into Reality And The Results Are Both Creepy And Hilarious.’

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