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Artistry Creator of the Year!

Today AdWeek New York revealed its second annual list of Creator Visionaries, and remarkably, I was named Artistry Creator of the Year 2022.

Journalist Sara Century wrote: "Things I Have Drawn started when artist Tom Curtis began adapting drawings from his then 6-year-old son Dom and transforming them into hyper-realistic, photo-style renditions that remained comically accurate to the source material. Creating a surreal, imaginary world in which anything is possible, Things I Have Drawn soon incorporated Dom’s brother Al, and the project grew into a global sensation. Though the boys have aged out of providing the childlike inspiration for Curtis’ adaptations, Things I Have Drawn continues unabated with contributions from around the world. This has blossomed into a number of brand partnerships, from a cover series for Vogue Italia and the WWF’s Panda Junior magazine to collaborations with and the Dutch gallery Mauritshuis, and Curtis shows no signs of slowing down."

Far more important than his dad being called a ‘visionary', Dom was most excited that I was listed alongside Pokimane, who was named Gamer Creator of the Year.

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