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Making Children's Wishes Real

Thursday 14th April 2022 was a day of joy as we launched a national poster campaign for a wonderful U.K. charity called Rays of Sunshine, which brightens the lives of seriously ill children by granting wishes and providing ongoing hospital support. In October 2021, I entered a creativity competition run by a poster company called Ocean Outdoor with a joint Rays of Sunshine / Things I Have Drawn idea that took the drawings of seriously ill kids and made them real on huge screens around the country. At the big Westfield Shopping Centre in London we unveiled the campaign with a special poster that used 'LookOut' technology to detect passers-by looking up at the pictures, and when they did, the child's drawing changed to the 'real' thing. We even included sound effects of a lion growling and an 8-legged cat meowing, amongst other things.

It was a real privilege to work with five inspiring children to bring their pictures to life. Please do check out the Rays of Sunshine website to find out more about our campaign - and even better, please donate if you can. Thank you.

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