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The Big Christmas Draw

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Some of you will know that we’re supporters of the fantastic visual literacy charity called The Big Draw.

This Christmas, the charity has placed sketchbooks and accompanying art materials in a selection of food banks in the UK, in a pilot project bringing people together through drawing and creativity. ⁠

To support the scheme, a small number of artists and friends of the charity have created a series of twelve videos offering ideas and inspiration for the things people can draw using the equipment. I was absolutely delighted to be asked to help, as hopefully both an artist and a friend. So, here’s the first of three videos I’ve made – this one called ‘Drawing a Reindeer with Your Eyes Closed’ – and I created it with a bit of help from both Dom and Al.

In each of my videos I’ve tried to show how you can have fun with your kids simply using a sketchbook and colouring pencils, and especially if you’re one of those people who claims they "can’t draw". Of course, you can draw. Everyone can draw. Merry Christmas, everyone - all of whom can definitely draw.

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